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    More than one way of how China will fail

    Economically. Socially. Politically. Culturally. China doomsayers never run out of the ways of predicting how China will fail miserably. For example, Gordon G. Chang (章家敦) had predicted that China would collapse in 2006, 2011, 2012, 2016, and 2017. But his predictions have never materialized. To him, however, China is still “on the brink of collapse” and just “one step away from revolution.” But, according to a Quora thread, Chang’s works belong in the “comic fantasy” or “science fiction” section of the shelf. In a sense, it is despite what others say about it or even do to it that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is just going its way. That’s…

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    转自:占豪 2月23日,一则重磅消息刷屏了整个互联网: 近日,上海市人民检察院第一分院依法对吴小晖集资诈骗、职务侵占案向上海市第一中级人民法院提起公诉。 另据保监会23日发布公告称,安邦保险集团原董事长、总经理吴小晖因涉嫌经济犯罪,被依法提起公诉。 鉴于安邦集团存在违反保险法规定的经营行为,可能严重危及公司偿付能力,为保持安邦集团照常经营,保护保险消费者合法权益,中国保监会决定于2018年2月23日起,对安邦集团实施接管,接管期限为一年。接管过程中,接管工作组将积极引入优质社会资本,完成股权重整,保持安邦集团民营性质不变。

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    Unprofessional, biased, unbalanced, and ideologically charged – Why I hate Western media and its coverage of China

    One of my online pet peeves is how some reports are written in Western media. They are designed in a way that makes it difficult for the reader to get the message quickly. The writer keeps beating around the bush, but fills up his or her articles with manipulative details, in desperate efforts to try to convince you. Like in any purportedly good narratives, the reports are packed with details intended to “show, instead of telling what a situation is like.” To be fair, this is a clever way of building up to the final conclusion. However, it could well have been announced at the beginning of the article or…