Why religion seems peaceful in China

In Chinese history, it seems that religion did not result in conflicts, killings, and wars as seen in the rest of the world and the society seemed quite tolerant towards different kinds of religion. Well, I would argue that the situation was just a static result of a series of events, including atrocious killings.

Chinese national flag at a mosque

The primary reason for this peacefulness and tolerance is that the overwhelming majority of the Chinese population is irreligious. In other words, religions have been tamed in China.

A performance of religious music.

Even today, only one out of ten Chinese people is a religion believer. This means that however a religion in China might be intolerant or hates non-believers, as is the case for Islam and Christianity, it is confronted by a majority that has a crushing power to wipe out any intolerance. Whenever religion oversteps the mark, China responds with ruthless crackdown. This has happened to Buddhism and Islam, during the Tang (618-907) and the Qing (1616-1911) periods. For stupid reasons, these crackdowns are now described in official materials as rebellions by wronged Muslims against the then Han and Manchu regimes. It seems insignificant in Chinese history only because religion had a small following in China.

A Halal checkout

Today, in some parts of China and some parts of its cities or communities, wherever the number of Muslims is large enough, they demand impunity from secular laws, i.e. the applicable laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and they demand religious privileges that discriminate against believers of other religion and atheists. They demand that restaurants, canteens, bathrooms, checkout lanes, banks, and all types of possible products and services be set up exclusively for them. This pan-Halal trend that is spilling out of the area of religious food has greatly alerted the government, which now starts to limit Halal to its due scope of the society: meat and animal products only.

Islam is like cancer cells. If it causes no material damage, it is not because it is benign, it is because it is weak in power. Just look at how Islam is messing with others in the rest of the world.

In Europe.
In Asia.
Protests against Danish cartoons.

Good news is that Muslims are a bunch of retards who cannot build successful countries. A country as small as Israel can kick the ass of the entire Islamic world.

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