May Liu Xiaobos rest in unease, forever

In the West, Liu Xiaobo (1955-2017)  is known as a human rights activist. He is also a mourned Nobel Peace Prize winner. He is even said to be called China’s Nelson Mandela.

But very fortunately and thankfully, he was not at all China’s Nelson Mandela. Just look at what a terrible mess Nelson Mandela left his country in, with his bad governance of a South Africa that could have become the first developed country in Africa.

He prematurely deindustrialized his country. This is really a very unfortunate thing. Even America now wants reindustrialization. He opened the South African economy to the world. A move good for neo-liberalistic textbooks and reports, but disastrous for his country and his people. Even Communist China had a chance to grab large valuable assets in South Africa thanks to him. Everyone seems to sing highly of him and loves him. Why not so? After all, foreigners are grateful for what they got from his country thanks to him: He’s sacrificed the interests of his country and his people to benefit the world and got no more than a good name in return.

In this country that is the world’s most severely hit by the epidemic of HIV/AIDS, according to some very outdated statistics, his people are suffering painfully from a high percentage (10.9%) of people contracting HIV/AIDS (18.9% for adults), totaling 7,100,000 people. In 2009 alone, 310,000 people died from HIV/AIDS-related diseases.

According to a Wikipedia page, the disease is most prevalent in the following South African regions:

  • KwaZulu-Natal: 25.8%.
  • Mpumalanga: 23.1%
  • Free State: 18.5%
  • North West: 17.7%
  • Gauteng: 15.2%
  • Eastern Cape: 15.2%
  • Limpopo: 13.7%
  • Northern Cape: 9.2%
  • Western Cape: 5.3%

What a living hell on Earth South Africa is, all thanks to Nelson Mandela, a bad leader!

So, is it possible for any Liu Xiaobo to become China’s Nelson Mandela? No, not the faintest chance. To start with, the Chinese people don’t like a top leader who is inexperienced in carrying out leadership. For example, Chinese officials have to work hard upwards from bottom to senior and top positions. Their abilities are tested as they go. For anyone to become a national leader, he or she will first need to have governed a province. In most cases, a Chinese province is larger than a medium-sized land, Germany,  for example; or larger than a medium-sized economy, Spain, for example. People like Emmanuel Macron of France and Donald Trump of America green at governing don’t stand a chance to be (s)elected as a top leader in China.

People mourn Liu Xiaobo for stupid reasons.
People mourn Liu Xiaobo for stupid reasons.

Also, Liu Xiaobo’s words don’t sound endearing to the Chinese ear. The Chinese are an independent people and have won their independence and sovereignty at untold costs. But Liu Xiaobo, to the surprise of anyone who is truly Chinese, suggests that China be colonialized by the West for three hundred years before the country has a chance to become modern. He lamented that China is denied such a blessing today.

Liu Xiaobo (1955-2017), a racist against his own people.
Liu Xiaobo (1955-2017), a racist against his own people.

He was, moreover, a spineless man. His confidence in himself was so easily shattered when he found out that he could not afford a small bottle of wine at the Beijing Friendship Store which exclusively served foreign visitors in the 1970s. He was not alone, though. So many Chinese people born in the 1950s and 60s experienced similar shocks when in the 1980s and 90s they for the first time set their eyes on a West that appeared so wealthy and prosperous.

He didn’t seem to understand that the Chinese are a hardworking people and are determined to make their country an equally wealthy and prosperous one. And most probably even better than that. That is exactly what is happening now, contrary to his wishes. China now contributes to one third of the world’s economic growth each year, much bigger than that of the United States. China is also a manufacturing powerhouse, bigger than what the United States, Japan, and German can manufacture together. China also seemed to have overtaken the United States as the largest retail market in 2017.

The Chinese are living much, much better lives than ever before at much, much faster pace than the world. Consumption now accounts for more than half of its annual gross domestic product (GDP). China has lifted hundreds of millions of people out pf poverty in the past decades, which account for an overwhelming majority of people rising out of poverty worldwide. If the China factor was not included, the number of people living in poverty on Earth would have increased. After all, China is the first and perhaps the only country that has fulfilled and will have ever fulfilled the United Nations millennium development goals (MDGs) in good time. China has the best mobile payment services. China is also one of the world’s safest countries. Obviously, a man like Liu Xiaobo who so easily gives up without fighting foreign competition or even eats out of the hand of foreigners cannot possibly lead a country of 1.4 billion people to national success.

He was also racist, against his own people. He said to the effect that Confucianism in China causes political and cultural corruption for thousands of years perhaps because there is something wrong with the Chinese race. But, as he has rightly observed, the Chinese are a very proud people. They do not take kindly to any racism against them. A racist like him against his own country is  naturally unfit for a national leadership position of his country.

A man who hates his people and his country does not deserve respect and wishes from his country fellows.

So, again, may people like Liu Xiaobo forever slump in unease and turn in discomfort in their bombs. Contrary to their wishes and the expectations of their foreign mourners, China and its people will continue on their road to strength and prosperity with its current Chinese socialist political and economic system. This system values the public ownership of land, industries, and corporations, economically ensuring real political democracy as opposed to how democracy is made a mockery of by being used as a political tool by the richest 1% to economically exploit their brainwashed subjects whose income levels remain virtually unchanged for decades.

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